Tips for Choosing a Good and Cool Shirt to Use

In today’s era the progress has been rapid and technology has become more sophisticated, now it is not only the trend of the gadget that has skyrocketed. Fashion trends are growing rapidly and rapidly, one of them is T-shirts.

How to choose the right shirt will make you look cool, stylist, pleasing to others, and of course many of the opposite sex will be interested in you. One of the tips for choosing a shirt is the one that fits the body, not great, although the shirt is good if the greatness will not be pleasing to the eye.

Shopping for shirts is also not just for shopping, you have to be selective in choosing clothes that are right, comfortable and quality. Also don’t buy the wrong shirt too, you have to pay attention to the material used to make the shirt. One type is cotton, for sure this material must have everyone, because it is commonly used to make clothes is cotton, besides being smooth and comfortable to wear, this cotton absorbs sweat very easily. That’s just a glimpse of the ingredients for making shirts.

These simple clothes are indeed very comfortable clothes to wear in all free activities.

In order not to be easily fooled by t-shirts that are made less good, we will now provide tips on how to choose a good quality shirt:

1. Choose the right material

As briefly explained above, the selection of t-shirt material is very important, the convenience of using a shirt that is made of good and bad will be very pronounced. Because sometimes not a little of the material from the T-shirt that is sold is not qualified, aka how many times can it be damaged or the thread is directly coming out, you must avoid it once. If you like to exercise or do activities outside the house, you want to wear a shirt. We recommend wearing t-shirts of the type of cotton only, besides being comfortable to wear, cotton is also easy to absorb sweat when doing outdoor activities. Just for info, there are several types of cotton cloth that are most often used for making t-shirts such as semi cotton, cotton carded, combed cotton, there are 3 types of combed 20s, 24s, 30s, up to 40s and many other types of cotton fabric

2. Stitching on the shirt

Actually the function of stitching on shirts is to form shirts so that they are suitable for use. Why is that important? because many stitches found after washing a lot of broken and loose stitches. You should pay attention to the stitch patterns on the shirt you want to buy, check whether the stitches are strong and the tidiness of the stitches.

3. Color Selection

If you choose a shirt, do not ignore this, the color of the shirt. The color of the shirt can be adjusted to your skin color. As we certainly know for men with white skin, you are free to choose the colors of T-shirts that you like.
For you men who have a rather dark skin tone, it’s better to avoid t-shirts with bright colors. The color of the shirt is the taste of each, but do not even become less confident and silly because of the selection of the wrong color.
You can still choose the color of the shirt that is cool for you. The way to adjust skin color, hair, eyes with the shirt you wear.

4. Screen printing

Pay attention to the screen printing attached to the shirt you bought, there is a screen printing that is washed quickly fades and fades or breaks, usually a good screen printing is thick and smooth when held by the hand and vice versa if it is rough and thin to eat you need to be careful. Need precision in choosing a good screen printing so you don’t regret it.

The choice of image printing on t-shirts is a lot of types. Starting from cartoon screen printing, writing or screen printing with photo images.
Well, so that you are more confident in wearing a screened shirt, you better choose a screen printing picture that really suits your taste. Choose a quality t-shirt distribution vendor so that the images on your t-shirt will be more attractive and according to taste. There are types of manual and digital screen printing, this will be discussed in the next post.

5. Price

There is a term “there is money, there are goods”, for those of you who have mediocre money, now there are many who sell good quality shirts and are comfortable to wear. Now not rated with expensive items is a good item, in fact not, some sellers put high prices on ordinary quality. Being smart you choose and be selective about the shirts you want to buy.

Well, that’s the tips for choosing a good quality t-shirt, this you have to be selective in buying T-shirts that you want, and pay attention to the things above.

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